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"Would Be A Shot In The Arm For...": Ex PMs Tell G20 To Tax Super-Rich

07/12/24 12:38 PM

Former presidents and prime ministers have sent an open letter to current leaders of the world's 20 largest economies urging support for a global tax on billionaires, which they called a rare political opportunity.

'Betrayal': Trump shrugs off McConnell warning and invites authoritarian to Mar-a-Lago

07/11/24 2:57 PM

Donald Trump will host an authoritarian leader in his home one day after Sen. Mitch McConnell warned fellow Republicans to stay away from a European prime minister "parroting Putin’s talking points," reports show. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán intends to meet with the presumptive Republican nominee and convicted felon after a NATO summit in Washington, a Trump campaign spokesperson told the New York Times. The Guardian reports they will meet at Mar-a-Lago, the Florida social club where Trump stands accused of illegally storing classified government information. The meeting will take place one day after McConnell publicly slammed Republicans who are "cozying up to Orbán" on the Senate floor, Punchbowl News' Andrew Desiderio reports.EXCLUSIVE: Trump’s ‘secretary of retribution’ has a ‘target list’ of 350 people he wants arrested"Republicans in Washington who fashion themselves both ‘national conservatives’ and China hawks should pay more attention to Mr. Orban’s actions and ask themselves if they are consistent with America’s interests," McConnell reportedly said. McConnell blasted Orbán's “self-aggrandizing” and “insidious” visit with Russian President Vladimir Putin and a trip to China to meet with President Xi Jinping, saying he had a “curious soft spot for authoritarians.”Orbán — "known for embracing far-right politics and authoritarian leaders" — has been echoing Trump's rhetoric with the promise to “make Europe great again," the Times reports.According to the report, his hours-long meeting with Putin at the Kremlin caused alarm in capitals around the bloc.Columnist David Rothkopf took to X Thursday to condemn Trump's scheduled meeting with Orbán. "Trump meeting Orban opposite NATO Summit immediately following Orban mtg w Putin and Xi is the sort of betrayal of the US that would’ve led to Congressional investigations or worse in the past," he wrote. Trump's position on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization remains unclear. When a Fox News radio host tried to question Trump about his position Wednesday, the former president railed instead about COVID, China, insane asylum residents and economic indicators.

'It's hell outside': Sizzling heat wave in parts of southern and central Europe prompts alerts

07/11/24 9:31 AM

Weather alerts, forest fires, melting pavement in cities: A sizzling heat wave has sent temperatures in parts of central and southern Europe soaring toward 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) in some places.

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'Bringing a gun to a knife fight': LAPD continues to shoot people holding 'edged weapon' during mental crisis, analysis shows

07/08/24 10:00 AM

A Times analysis shows that LAPD officers continue to open fire despite policies intended to reduce shootings of people who hold a knife or other sharp weapon during a behavioral crisis.

'It's bold': L.A. moves to close Wilshire Boulevard through MacArthur Park

07/10/24 10:00 AM

City leaders have announced the first step toward eliminating vehicles on a small stretch of one of L.A.'s most iconic streets.

'Playing COVID roulette': Some infected by FLiRT variants report their most unpleasant symptoms yet

07/08/24 10:00 AM

COVID cases and hospitalizations rise in L.A. County — and some of those recently reinfected with the FLiRT variants are finding the latest bout the worst yet.

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'Bear Bets': Group Chat's best bets on Belmont, NBA Finals

06/06/24 4:46 PM

"Bear Bets" is back! And the Group Chat reconvened to discuss the Belmont Stakes, the NBA Finals and the Stanley Cup Final.

'Dan Hurley just used and abused the Los Angeles Lakers.' — Skip on Hurley deciding to stay at UConn

06/13/24 6:43 PM

Skip Bayless reacts to Dan Hurley turning down a six-year, $70 million offer from the Los Angeles Lakers to return to UConn for a third National Championship and beyond.

'Hard Knocks' details Giants' pitch to Saquon Barkley, approach to adding a QB

07/10/24 11:20 AM

The latest "Hard Knocks" showed what GM Joe Schoen told Saquon Barkley ahead of free agency and New York's thoughts to move up in the draft.