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"Indigestion In Mind": Experts On Mental Scars After Turbulence-Hit Flight

05/26/24 4:10 PM

The extreme turbulence on Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight SQ321 - which left one passenger dead from a suspected heart attack and dozens injured - has inflicted psychological scars on those who survived, it emerged on Sunday.

"Should've Taken A Bullet": Trump Booed, Heckled By Crowd At US Rally

05/26/24 7:34 AM

Presidential candidate Donald Trump was booed and heckled by many in a raucous audience at the Libertarian National Convention on Saturday night, a marked change from the adulation he receives at rallies from his fervently loyal supporters.

'We're all fascinated by sex work': Cannes director Baker

05/22/24 4:10 PM

U.S. director Sean Baker feared "Anora", his free-wheeling sex farce which is currently the toast of the Cannes Film Festival, would be too controversial.But the rave response to his movie about a sex worker marrying into money lays bare our endless fascination with the world's oldest profession, he told AFP."It's nice and a little surprising, because it seems so far that it hasn't been as divisive as I thought it would be," Baker told AFP."We're dealing with themes that are extremely divisive right now.""Anora" follows an affair between a New York escort and the young son of a Russian oligarch. They marry on a whim in Las Vegas, sparking the fury of his relatives.Baker, who has chronicled the lives of prostitutes in several previous films, said "we are all fascinated" by sex work.In part, that is because it is right under our noses, whether we notice it or not."No joke -- from my kitchen, I can literally look into a happy endings massage parlour," said Baker.But the sex trade draws wildly different opinions. Many view it as exploitative, while others believe it can be liberating, said Baker."It can be explored forever," said the director, whose mission was to show flawed characters, dealing with the same mundane issues as everybody else."I can't make just -- and excuse my terminology here, because it's an old term -- a 'hooker with a heart of gold' story", he said.- 'Crazy' -"Anora" has earned stellar reviews. Vanity Fair called it a "wild, profane blast" with "complex empathy".It is one of 22 movies in competition for the Palme d'Or, the top prize of the Cannes Film Festival, which will be announced Saturday.Baker said it would be his "dream" for Mikey Madison, who plays sex worker Ani, to win the best actress prize instead. (Cannes typically only bestows one award per movie.)Madison, known for "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" and "Scream", trained in pole dancing for three months, and perfected a distinctive New York accent.But any recognition from the world's most famous film festival could help "Anora" enjoy a wider release in US theatres than most indie movies."US audiences have been told 'only come to the theatre for the big blockbusters, everything else you can get on Netflix'... It's crazy!" said Baker.Thankfully, "Anora" already has a prestigious US distributor, with indie studio NEON.NEON has released each of the four previous Palme d'Or winners.- 'Three Stooges' -While tackling a similar subject to Baker's previous films like "Tangerine" and "The Florida Project", "Anora" is his most comedic yet.When a trio of goons arrive at the newlyweds' home, the audience is braced for mob-style violence to ensue.But their clumsy ineptitude quickly leads to "a Three Stooges sort of thing," said Baker."I keep trying to explore how far I can go with" the comedy, explained the director."It's always a balance with comedy and pathos. Life is a balance of that.""So you have to deliver the laughter -- until you deliver the tears."

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'A really scary feeling': Private security firm accused of using force against UCLA protesters

05/23/24 10:00 AM

Witnesses accused guards from Apex Security Group of acting aggressively at UCLA in recent weeks, including one incident where a student protester was punched in the face.

'I got a job, I got class': Why Cal State L.A. isn't roiling with protest

05/22/24 10:00 AM

The vibe at Cal State L.A.'s pro-Palestinian encampment is quieter than the raucous scenes that have unfolded at some SoCal campuses. One key difference: the number of students juggling schoolwork with outside jobs and family duties.

12 people injured after Qatar Airways plane hits turbulence on way to Dublin

05/26/24 11:26 AM

The flight was traveling from Doha to Dublin when it hit turbulence.

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'Cowboys are not making next year’s playoffs.' — Skip has the Cowboys going 8-9

05/23/24 8:09 PM

Skip Bayless further explains why he believes his Dallas Cowboys will finish 8-9 and miss the playoffs this season.

'I'm confused' — Ricky Stenhouse Jr. reacts to his $75k fine for fighting Kyle Busch

05/23/24 2:00 AM

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. went on NASCAR Race Hub and spoke on his $75k fine after hitting Kyle Busch on All-Star weekend.

'It doesn't matter whether I agree' – Kyle Busch on penalties assessed to JTG Racing | NASCAR on FOX

05/25/24 11:14 PM

"It doesn't matter whether I agree or not." – Kyle Busch told Bob Pockrass when asked about the penalties assessed to the JTG Daugherty Racing team.