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"Dalai Lama Legacy Will Live, You'll Be Gone": Nancy Pelosi's Xi Jinping Jab

06/19/24 4:07 PM

Former US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi - in India as part of a bipartisan delegation of American lawmakers - met the Dalai Lama Wednesday and, hours later, launched a ferocious attack on China and President Xi Jinping.

"Deeply Worrying" Rise In Child Oobesity In England: Report

06/19/24 11:22 PM

Obesity in 10- and 11-year-olds in England has risen 30 percent since 2006, part of a far-reaching decline in children's health since the start of the century, said a report published Wednesday.

"Help Me Hug My Daughter Again": Gaza Hostage's Mother To UN Investigators

06/19/24 10:53 PM

Her voice shaking with emotion, Meirav Leshem Gonen described to the UN Human Rights Council on Wednesday the agony of listening over the phone as Hamas operatives seized her daughter on October 7.

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'Panic buttons to nowhere': L.A. bus drivers say safety measures can't protect them from violent attacks

06/14/24 7:30 PM

Bus drivers are concerned safety measures in DASH buses are not enough to keep them safe from dangerous passengers.

'Significant' weekend warming will give Southern California a short break from June gloom

06/14/24 5:34 PM

A short but significant shift in Southern California weather will bring noticeable warming across the region as the marine layer weakens considerably.

'The situation is ripe': California thrust into fire season amid gusty winds, low humidity

06/18/24 2:31 PM

The Post fire in northern L.A. County threatens power lines, dams and oil pipelines. California's largest fire is one of more than 20 burning in the state.

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'#SteelIrish:' Notre Dame's 2025 recruiting class continues NFL lineage

06/19/24 10:07 AM

Three of Notre Dame's 2025 recruits' fathers played for the Pittsburgh Steelers together in the early 2000s.

'Bear Bets': Group Chat's best bets on Belmont, NBA Finals

06/06/24 4:46 PM

"Bear Bets" is back! And the Group Chat reconvened to discuss the Belmont Stakes, the NBA Finals and the Stanley Cup Final.

'Dan Hurley just used and abused the Los Angeles Lakers.' — Skip on Hurley deciding to stay at UConn

06/13/24 6:43 PM

Skip Bayless reacts to Dan Hurley turning down a six-year, $70 million offer from the Los Angeles Lakers to return to UConn for a third National Championship and beyond.