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"Good Night. Malaysian 370": World's Top Missing Plane Mystery, 10 Years On

02/23/24 10:00 AM

The huge Boeing Co. 777 jet, almost as long as a Manhattan city block and taller than a five-story building, had somehow managed to make itself invisible in the clear night sky. There were 239 people on board.

'Biggest Ever': UK Police Recovers 5,700 kg Of Cocaine Worth $568 Million

02/23/24 6:36 AM

British police said Friday that they had made what is believed to be its biggest-ever seizure of serious drugs.

'Deep trouble': Mary Trump says Jim Jordan and James Comer could face 'criminal charges'

02/22/24 1:03 AM

Donald Trump's niece is convinced Reps. James Comer (R-KY) and Jim Jordan (R-OH) are in "deep s---" and could be investigated for peddling fictitious FBI witness testimony to sully President Joe Biden and his son Hunter as a basis for impeachment. "It’s becoming increasingly clear that the sham impeachment of President Joe Biden was a sham from beginning to ignominious end, as it appears much of the information upon which it was based originated from the Kremlin," Mary Trump writes in her most recent Substack issue titled "LAWYER: Comer & Jordan In Deep Trouble".The Republican impeachment inquiry spearheaded by Comer and Jordan heavily relied on FBI informant Alexander Smirnov's testimony that Ukrainian energy company Burisma executives paid Hunter and Joe Biden $5 million apiece back in 2015 or 2016.ALSO READ: How Speaker Mike Johnson’s dream of bipartisan decency died in his hands Smirnov has since been charged with fabricating a multimillion-dollar bribery scheme and making false statements to the feds. Comer came forward to downgrade the value of the informant's intel. “When asked by the committee about their confidence in the confidential human source, the FBI told the committee the confidential human source was credible and trusted, had worked with the FBI for over a decade, and had been paid six figures,” he said. In the recent past, House Judiciary Committee Chairmen Jordan publicly touted the FBI informant's goods on the Bidens as "the most corroborating evidence we have."And in December he doubled down: “The impeachable offenses, I think the key thing is in Burisma."Mary Trump writes that she consulted with a lawyer friend and that person told her that both Comer and Jordan are in “deep s--."What's more, she pointed to former New York State assistant attorney general Tristan Snell posing two scenarios: either the GOP pols were “duped by Smirnov and the Kremlin — or they were in on it.”For Trump's adult niece, she believes consequences ranging from "censure to criminal charges" are coming. She added: "I would say it’s hard to think of any other Republicans in Congress more deserving, but the truth is it would be extremely easy to come up with dozens of them."

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'No burnin out': Compton tire shop owner graffitis own business in dispute over street takeovers

02/17/24 11:00 AM

The owner of a Compton tire shop is locked in a dispute with city officials over selling low-cost tires to people suspected of performing burnouts and other illegal maneuvers. The shop owner says he cannot control what customers do with the tires they buy.

'You know what could happen if he talks': Real estate fraud led to murder-for-hire plot, prosecutors say

02/21/24 11:00 AM

Authorities still have not identified a shooter in the 2013 killing of Rigoberto Dupre at a South L.A. auto repair shop, but prosecutors allege an associate had orchestrated it over a real estate scam that netted $375,000 in gold coins.

1 in custody after stabbing on Carolina Street

02/22/24 11:39 PM

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — One person is in custody following a stabbing on Carolina Street on Thursday afternoon, according to Buffalo police. The stabbing occurred on the 100 block of Carolina just before 2 p.m. Thursday. The male victim suffered non-life threatening injuries. Any charges against the alleged male assailant and currently unknown.

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'Couldn't write a better script' — Jeff Gordan & Rick Hendrick on William Byron's Daytona 500 win

02/20/24 1:29 AM

Rick Hendrick and Jeff Gordan spoke on what it meant for William Bryon to win the Daytona 500.

'I never let that deter me' – Bill Lester speaks on overcoming doubt in pursuit of professional racing dreams

02/20/24 11:43 PM

"I never let that deter me" – Bill Lester told Bob Pockrass that many people doubted his dreams of pursuing professional racing at age 40.

'I still believe Joe Burrow is better than Patrick Mahomes.' — Skip unveils his early SBLIX pick

02/22/24 12:55 AM

Skip Bayless explains why Joe Burrow is better than Patrick Mahomes. Watch as he also unveils his early Super Bowl LIX prediction.