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Astronomers spot 'missing link' black hole - not too big and not too small

04/02/20 6:37 PM

Scientists have detected a mid-size black hole - considered the "missing link" in the understanding of these celestial brutes - eviscerating an unfortunate star that strayed too close.

Dress to impress at home: Retailers recast spring looks for coronavirus lockdowns

04/02/20 6:36 PM

Desperate to sell pricey spring looks during the coronavirus lockdown, retailers are turning to social media to show their latest styles in somber, stay-at-home settings.

Belgian priest spreads the word online during coronavirus lockdown

04/02/20 1:52 PM

A Belgian priest who began livestreaming services and prayer sessions after coronavirus restrictions closed his church has found a far larger congregation online than he had before.

Under coronavirus curfew, West African bard offers escape via live-stream

04/02/20 7:10 AM

Every night at half past seven Ouagadougou time, story-teller Kientega Pingdewinde Gerard picks out a tune on his traditional kora and weaves a tale via Facebook Live to distract listeners under...

Spider-Man to the rescue! Superhero jogger cheers kids in England

04/01/20 1:09 PM

The northern English town of Stockport has a new hero in the battle to keep kids entertained during the coronavirus lockdown: Spider-Man!

Harry Pottering around at home? Rowling to rescue bored kids in lockdown

04/01/20 10:02 AM

British author J. K. Rowling is hoping her much-loved Harry Potter series will work its magic on bored children stuck at home during the coronavirus lockdown.

Edinburgh festivals, including Fringe comedy showcase, canceled

04/01/20 8:17 AM

Edinburgh's summer festivals, which include the International music and arts showcase and renowned "Fringe" comedy event, have been canceled for the first time in more than 70 years because of...

UK's Prince Harry and wife Meghan bid farewell to royal roles

03/31/20 12:28 PM

Prince Harry and his American wife Meghan posted their last message as working members of Britain's royal family on Monday before officially embarking on new careers without their "Royal Highness"...

Russian jeweler tries to tap zeitgeist with coronavirus-shaped pendants

03/31/20 12:12 PM

A small Russian jewelry company specializing in science and medicine-themed ornaments has launched a coronavirus-shaped pendant, a move that has drawn accusations of insensitivity by some.

Senegal's graffiti artists join fight against coronavirus

03/31/20 4:20 AM

The mural stretched over 10 metres of wall in Senegal's seaside capital Dakar shows a giant pair of hands reaching out for sanitiser, and a woman in hoop earrings and a facemask colored blue, red,...

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