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'Queer Eye' Alum Carson Kressley Is Set to Host the Extraordinary Families 30th Anniversary Gala in L.A.

10/05/23 10:30 PM

'Queer Eye' alum Carson Kressley will show his support for nonprofit organization Extraordinary Families on Oct. 12 in Los Angeles.

12 Statistics That Will Completely Change How You Think About HIV

12/01/23 5:45 AM

A lot of what we assume about the condition is actually wrong.

25 Investment-Worthy Holiday Gifts To Impress Anyone On Your List

12/01/23 5:45 AM

From AirPods to a bells-and-whistles espresso machine, these worth-every-penny gifts are sure to make an impact.

27 Tweets About Preschool That Every Parent Knows To Be True

11/28/23 8:45 AM

"The nurse sent an email saying half my kid’s preschool is out sick, so I blocked her because I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life"

35 Funny And Relatable Tweets About Staying At A Hotel

10/31/23 5:45 AM

"It’s fun getting room service. I just love eating a $19 hamburger at a desk in front of a mirror."

5 Summer Fashion Steals To Add To Your Amazon Cart

08/12/22 7:00 AM

I wanted to pull together a quick little roundup of 5 Amazon fashion steals to add to your cart this summer The post 5 Summer Fashion Steals To Add To Your Amazon Cart appeared first on Scout The City.

5 Ways You’re Contributing To HIV Stigma Without Realizing It

12/01/23 5:45 AM

Are you guilty of these? It's time to change your viewpoint.

50 Unusual Baby Names Parents Chose 100 Years Ago

11/29/23 7:00 AM

The Social Security Administration's data reveals how parents got creative a century ago.

8 Common HIV Myths You Need To Stop Believing

12/01/23 5:45 AM

Experts share the beliefs about the virus that are not only wrong but dangerous, too.

@NFT Account Makes Resounding Return to Instagram

11/30/23 4:30 PM

Toronto, Canada, November 30th, 2023, Chainwire @NFT Account Makes Resounding Return to Instagram After 22-months, pioneering entrepreneur returns with mission to strengthen and advance the resurgent realm of NFTs and digital collectibles The @NFT account, social media’s largest web3 community, has announced its triumphant return to Instagram after a 22-month hiatus. The account, which boasts […] The post @NFT Account Makes Resounding Return to Instagram appeared first on Grit Daily News.

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