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'Don't Follow Your Passion': Mark Cuban Shares the 'Worst Piece' of Business Advice He's Ever Received — And How Changing That Mindset Can Lead to Success

02/22/24 8:12 PM

Entrepreneur spoke with Cuban ahead of the launch of his new course on MasterClass.

'Elon Musk Is 80% Genius, 20% Master Of Good Luck:' Munster Tells How Tesla CEO's Twitter Purchase Will Skyrocket His Wealth

02/23/24 7:03 AM

According to Munster, Twitter's data will train xAI, which will end up increasing its value to hundreds of billions of dollars. read more

3 Ways Mental Health Is Weighing on Workers--and How to Help

02/22/24 1:12 PM

Mental health plays a critical role in the workplace. New data shows where your workers could be facing key challenges.

4 Reasons Why Your Customer Service Is About to Get a Whole Lot Better in 2024

02/22/24 7:00 PM

As the technology powering AI customer support jumps to the next level, the quality of service will greatly improve.

A 29-Year-Old CEO Quit Microsoft To Build His Startup — And Just Scored A Deal on Shark Tank

02/22/24 9:44 PM

Aabesh De tapped into a niche need during the pandemic and founded Flora, a houseplant care startup.

A Billion Dollar Startup Is Trying To Resurrect A Woolly Mammoth — And You Can Watch It Happen

02/22/24 7:36 PM

Filmmakers will go behind the scenes of billion-dollar startup Colossal Biosciences, which uses genetic engineering for de-extinction projects.

Adam Kinzinger Warns Of 'Devastating' Consequences If Donald Trump Wins 2024 Election: 'The End Of American Democracy'

02/23/24 7:05 AM

Adam Kinzinger, a former Republican congressman, has issued a stark warning about the potential consequences of a second term for former President Donald Trump, saying it could have a catastrophic impact on the global order and American democracy. read more

Are You a Boss...or a Leader? Here Are 7 Ways to Always Put Leadership First

02/22/24 3:52 AM

According to Gallup, 82 percent of the time, organizations pick the wrong person for management positions.

As War Rages in Urkaine and Gaza, Venture Capitalists See a Boon in Defense Startups

02/22/24 12:27 PM

New entrants could potentially disrupt the military contracting business, which has long been dominated by big corporations . Why Andreessen Horowitz wants in.

AT&T Says Outage Was Not Due To A Cyber Attack, Confirms Service Has Been Fully Restored

02/23/24 7:33 AM

AT&T has successfully resolved a nationwide service outage that left its customers without access to calls, texts, and data for a full day. read more

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