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Inside Tennessee's Push To Bring Thousands Of NASCAR Fans Together During A Pandemic

09/18/20 5:02 PM

Emails and other documents reveal some of those who were ― and weren't ― asked to weigh in before a massive crowd came to the state in July.

Twitter Users Not Impressed With Van Morrison's Anti-Lockdown Anthems

09/18/20 3:39 PM

One person said that "writing anti-lockdown protest songs based on dubious viral Facebook posts is absolute peak boomer."

CDC Backtracks On Guidance About COVID-19 Testing For Asymptomatic People

09/18/20 2:14 PM

The agency, which had faced criticism for its earlier guidance, said Friday that everyone who's had close contact with a coronavirus patient should get tested.

My Smile Is Medically Necessary. It's Time For The Federal Government To Realize This.

09/18/20 1:11 PM

The Ensuring Lasting Smiles Act would end coverage denials for treating birth anomalies, improving access to needed care for people with facial differences.

Report: Detained Migrant Women Say They Didn’t Approve Surgeries

09/18/20 12:14 PM

Concerns grow following allegations that a gynecologist performed unwanted hysterectomies and other procedures on immigrant women detained in Georgia.

Ohio Bans Public Officials From Closing Houses Of Worship

09/17/20 9:20 PM

Churches and other sacred spaces are exempted from most of Ohio's coronavirus-related laws.

Former Pence Staffer And COVID-19 Task Force Member Voting For Joe Biden

09/17/20 4:27 PM

President Donald Trump has had a “flat out disregard for human life” during the COVID-19 pandemic, Olivia Troye said.

Trump Contradicts Experts On Vaccine Timeline

09/17/20 1:12 PM

President Donald Trump claimed that a COVID-19 vaccine would be available as soon as October, contradicting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director’s congressional testimony that it would be ready by mid-2021.

Twisted Sister Tells Anti-Maskers Don’t Use Our Song For 'Moronic Cause'

09/17/20 12:56 PM

The 80s metal band's lead singer Dee Snider doesn't want "We're Not Gonna Take It" to be used to protest COVID-19 restrictions.

I Was An Evangelical Christian, And I Know Why Many Of Them Resist Logic About COVID-19

09/17/20 9:00 AM

This global pandemic has revealed there’s already a virus inside some American forms of belief.

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