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Centuries-old laws may shield the cruise industry from huge payouts in coronavirus suits

04/02/20 4:12 PM

Experts and attorneys warn that cruise passengers suing over COVID-19 face restrictive terms of service and maritime laws that pre-date the Titanic.       

Coronavirus live updates: Democrats delay convention; unemployment claims soar; Dr. Fauci gets security after threats

04/02/20 6:14 PM

Unemployment claims skyrocket as the nation braced for what President Donald Trump said would be a dire few weeks. See the latest coronavirus updates.       

California engineer ran train 'off the end of rail tracks' in attempted attack on USNS Mercy in Los Angeles, DOJ says

04/02/20 4:19 PM

A California man faces federal charges after officials say he ran a train "at full speed off the end of rail tracks" near the U.S. Naval Ship Mercy.      

Trump calls some governors 'complainers' as he's criticized over delivery of coronavirus supplies

04/02/20 4:12 PM

In a series of tweets, Trump said some state leaders have "insatiable appetites" for equipment needed to fight the spread of the virus.       

France's coronavirus lockdown offers a preview of restrictions we may see in America

04/02/20 11:00 AM

France is roughly two weeks ahead of the U.S. in the fight against the virus. What's happening there could happen to us next.       

Is Hobby Lobby an essential retailer? Some forced to close because of COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders

04/02/20 3:53 PM

Some Hobby Lobby locations in Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin and Colorado were shut down after defying states' shelter-in-place orders.       

Amazon to perform fever checks, offer masks to workers for coronavirus protection

04/02/20 5:16 PM

Amazon will institute temperature checks for employees and offer masks to protect from the spread of coronavirus.       

LSU coach Ed Orgeron files for divorce from wife Kelly of 23 years

04/02/20 12:09 PM

LSU football coach Ed Orgeron and his wife Kelly, who have been married since 1997, are divorcing. Orgeron filed for divorce on Feb. 26.       

Seder on Zoom? Passover traditions change as the coronavirus spreads

04/02/20 3:53 PM

Many synagogues host Seders for Passover, one of the most widely observed Jewish holidays. They are now holding them virtually ­– as are families.      

Chris Cuomo makes surprise appearance during brother Gov. Andrew Cuomo's coronavirus briefing

04/02/20 5:28 PM

Chris Cuomo made a guest appearance during his brother New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's daily coronavirus briefing for an update on his diagnosis.       

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