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'Failure of imagination': National Guard absence at Capitol riots shows lack of preparation, distrust after heavy-handed BLM response

01/15/21 9:04 PM

Experts say officials misjudged the Trump crowd and feared criticism about a violent federal response similar to 2020's Black Lives Matter protests.       

Live updates: Police, FBI seek help IDing suspect who attacked officer; possible armed protests have states on high alert

01/16/21 6:10 PM

States nationwide are closing their Capitols and activating National Guard troops ahead of possible protests. More details on arrests. Latest news.       

Running on empty: Senate Republicans ponder barring Donald Trump from seeking office again

01/16/21 7:45 PM

The impeachment trial of Donald Trump isn't about removing him from the presidency – it's about preventing him from running for president again.       

Live politics updates: My Pillow CEO Lindell White House meeting notes reference martial law, new CIA head

01/16/21 6:54 PM

The notes also suggested replacing CIA Director Gina Haspel with Trump loyalist Kash Patel.       

Trump to hold departure ceremony at Joint Base Andrews on morning of Biden inauguration

01/16/21 3:11 PM

Trump had already announced he would skip Biden's inauguration, breaking with more than a century of tradition.       

Where did COVID-19 come from?

01/16/21 6:56 PM

As the U.S. marks one year since its first case, questions remain about the origin of the coronavirus that causes the disease. The answers matter.       

Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson or Baker Mayfield: Which quarterback of the 2018 NFL draft class will advance to AFC title game?

01/16/21 1:03 PM

Class of 2018 quarterbacks taking center stage as matchup of the young and mobile contrasts the flavor of the Tom Brady-Drew Brees duel.       

A different epidemic: 100 years ago, a virus raged through Nevada, and it wasn't Spanish Flu

01/16/21 10:00 AM

From economic devastation to rebellions against mitigation measures, echoes from the 1915 rabies outbreak can be heard in today's COVID-19 pandemic.       

COVID live updates: 566,000 US deaths by May 1, model predicts; Biden details vaccination plan

01/16/21 6:21 PM

President-elect Joe Biden detailed his plans for vaccine distribution. UK variant could become predominant strain in the US by March, CDC warns. Latest news.       

'Bling Empire': Here's why everyone should watch the real life 'Crazy Rich Asians' reality show

01/15/21 3:57 PM

"Bling Empire," the first Asian-led reality show, not only offers drama and laughs, but also has an important message for Asian Americans.      

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