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'Gimme Shelter': What to expect in California housing in 2022

01/18/22 4:33 PM

How will the California housing market change and how will state and local officials respond to continuing affordable housing challenges in 2022.

'Hate crime and act of terrorism': probe continues into Texas synagogue attack investigation; FBI casts hostages as 'heroes'

01/21/22 10:50 PM

Officials said Akram targeted the synagogue because it's close to a Fort Worth federal prison where he sought the release of terrorist Aafia Siddiqui.      

'Here we are again': State braces for 2nd winter storm within 1 week

01/21/22 9:55 AM

Another storm is barreling through the South Friday, bringing freezing rain, sleet and snow to some areas already hard-hit by winter weather.

'I'm 29 years old and I feel like I'm 70': Long COVID patients continue to struggle for months, years

01/21/22 2:06 PM

COVID-19 long haul patients are struggling with doctors and employers as they battle lingering symptoms that make them feel "crazy."      

'Incidental COVID' cases are on the rise in Erie County hospitals. Here's what that means

01/20/22 6:20 PM

Data released by the Erie County Department of Health on Thursday shows that on January 18th, 347 of the 580 COVID patients in Erie County hospitals - about 60% - were admitted because of COVID. That means 223 patients - about 40% - were admitted for another reason.

'Like a Third World country': Gov. Newsom decries rail thefts amid push to beef up enforcement

01/20/22 8:04 PM

The crush of cargo at the ports of L.A. and Long Beach, plus limited security on rail lines, helped make cargo trains vulnerable to theft, expert say.

'Wait for a good time : - ) Don't fight!' A guide to help teens persuade parents to let them get vaccinated

01/17/22 1:00 PM

A San Jose teen started Teens for Vaccines during a measles outbreak in 2019. Now the group helps minors hoping to persuade their parents to let them get vaccinated.

'You Took Away My Mom': Singer's Son Slams Anti-Vaxxers After Her COVID-19 Death

01/20/22 6:15 PM

Czech folk singer Hana Horka deliberately allowed herself to be exposed to the coronavirus and refused to get vaccinated, her son said.

2-Day-Old Giraffe Euthanized At San Diego Zoo Safari Park

01/21/22 7:37 PM

“Following the birth, wildlife care specialists noticed that the calf’s condition began to deteriorate, including difficulty standing and not nursing,” the park said Thursday.

2’s Got Your Ticket: Entertaining Theater Audiences While Keeping Omicron At Bay

01/21/22 5:20 PM

The Omicron wave has forced some theaters to postpone performances and rely more than ever on understudies.  

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